Simple One Electric Scooter to Give 300 km Range with Big Battery


Simple One Electric Scooter to Give 300 km Range with Big Battery.

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Simple Energy, a company that makes Simple One electric scooters, is now going to launch this scooter with a bigger battery pack.


With this big battery, the Simple One electric scooter will now be able to go up to 300 km on a single charge. The company will give a more powerful motor in this scooter, which will make the performance of this scooter even better. In this electric scooter, the company has given 2 removable battery packs. By combining these two battery packs, the capacity of the scooter becomes 6.4 kWh. The company has priced this scooter at Rs 1.45 lakh (ex-showroom).

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With its massive battery pack, the Simple One electric scooter will be the most range-oriented scooter ever. As of now, no electric scooter has such a wide range in India. This electric scooter can go from 0 to 40 kmph in just 2.85 seconds and will have a top speed of 105 kmph. This scooter can be booked from the company's official website by paying Rs 1,947.

The extra battery of the Simple One electric scooter will fit comfortably in the boot of the scooter. With this increased range, consumers will now be able to cover longer distances without worrying about charges. With its ability to cover a distance of up to 300 km on a single charge, consumers will now take electric scooters more seriously.

The company will start the delivery of the Simple One electric scooter with a battery pack from June 2022, while the company launched it in August 2021 only last year. According to the company, so far around 30,000 bookings have been done for this scooter.

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If we talk about the features of this electric scooter, then the company has given features like the touchscreen instrument cluster, Bluetooth, and 4G in it. It has LED lighting in front and rear. The company has given a big space in this scooter to keep the luggage. The scooter also gets a tire pressure monitoring system. The scooter will be available in 4 different colors – Brazen Black, Namma Red, Grace White, and Azure Blue. The overall weight of this electric scooter is 110 kgs.

This electric scooter has telescopic brakes at the front and monoshock brakes at the rear. Its brake system is a combi brake system. With so many features, this electric scooter will give tough competition to Ola S1 Pro, Bajaj Chetak, TVS iQube, and Ather 450X.

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In the case of charging, the company has given options for both home and public charging stations in this electric scooter. The company will make this electric scooter at its Hosur plant, which has an annual capacity of 10 lakh units.

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With the launch of this electric scooter, consumers will get the largest range of any electric scooter ever. With this, now you can go on long-distance travel without any worries.


Is it right to buy an electric scooter?

Buying an electric scooter is absolutely right as it costs less to operate than petrol/diesel powered scooters. Apart from this, it also costs less in its maintenance.

Which is India's first electric scooter?

Ather Energy's S340 model was the first electric scooter in the country.

Which are the biggest electric scooter companies in India?

Ather Energy, Revolt Motors, Bajaj Auto, TVS Motor, Hero Electric, Okinawa, Ola Electric, Simple Energy and Okaya Electric are some of the biggest electric scooter companies in the country.

Which is the cheapest electric scooter?

Hero Electric's Flash LX (VRLA) model is the cheapest and most reliable electric scooter available at Rs.46,640.

Which is the best electric scooter?

Simple Energy's Simple One model - 236 km on a single charge, Ola company's Ola S1 and S1 Pro models will run up to 181 km on a single charge, Okinawa iPraise+ model up to 139 km and Ather 450X up to 116 km on a single charge.

Which is the highest paying electric bike?

The Ola S1 Pro promises to offer the highest range which is 181 km.

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