US based Electric Vehicles Company Fisker to Launch Electric Car in India


US based Electric Vehicles Company Fisker to Launch Electric Car in India. American electric vehicles company Fisker will launch electric car in India.

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Electric vehicles industry company Fisker, which is based in California, USA, will launch the Fisker Pear electric car in India by 2024.

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The Fisker company was founded in 2016 by renowned auto designer Henrik Fisker, who has designed cars for BMW and Aston Martin. Henrik Fisker sees a lot of potential in electric vehicles in India.

For this, the company has announced the establishment of a Global Technology Center in Hyderabad, India. Fisker company will recruit 300 engineers for this, who will work on software technology. The company wants to use India's manpower/talent for software development because according to the company, India is very strong in software development.

Fisker will launch its electric car Pear in India by 2024. For this, the company has selected Taiwan's electronics contract manufacturer Foxconn, who will manufacture electric cars for the company. The company has not announced the location for the manufacturing facility but this manufacturing plant will be set up in India only.

According to the company, the Pear electric car will cost less than USD 30,000 (Rs 22 lakh). This electric car will have many new features which are not present in the car of this segment. The company will launch its second SUV model Ocean in November this year all over the world. The company will also launch the Ocean model in India, which will cost between Rs 27 and 51 lakh. The company will first import the Ocean model and later manufacture it in India. With both these electric car models, the company will compete with Hyundai and MG company.

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Before Fisker, Tesla has also announced its entry into India but it is not finding the policies of the Government of India in its favor. According to the Fisker company, it will be able to produce its electric car Fisker Pear in India before Tesla.

The company has 2 electric vehicle models - Ocean and Pear. For the time being, the company's focus is America and Europe, but with the launch of Pear in India by 2024, the company will also focus on India and China.

Investors have invested 1 billion USD (Rs 7450 crores) in Fisker company in 2020. The company also wants to launch supercars and other models in the premium segment in the future.


The electric vehicles industry in India is developing at a good pace. In 2021, 3 lakh electric vehicles were sold of which 14,000 electric cars were sold. With the arrival of more new companies in this industry, consumers will get many cheap and good options which will help in the development of this industry.


How many kilometers does an electric car run?

How far an electric car can go is determined by the capacity of its battery. The car can run up to 100 km if its battery power is 15 KMH.

Does an electric car have an engine?

Electric car runs on battery. Hence, it does not have the same engine as conventional petrol/diesel-powered cars.

How does an electric car work?

Electric cars run by taking power from the battery. In this, its motor is given power from the battery (by converting DC current to AC).

Why is an electric car so expensive?

Since the electric car runs on a battery, the cost of making it is very high nowadays. Therefore, electric cars are more expensive than diesel/petrol cars. But with time electric cars will also become cheaper.

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